James Naughton - Copper,Slate and Stone

James Naughton's latest exhibition, Copper, Slate and Stone (opens 7th October 2018 and runs up to Christmas) has been specially commissioned by Plas Glyn-y-Weddw and is inspired by the industrial remnants to be found in northwest Wales.

James said: “In working on this project my focus has been primarily on Parys Mountain copper mine, Dinorwig slate quarry and two quarries near Trefor and Nefyn on the northern coast of the peninsula.”

“These sites offer a chance to see a truly unique beauty and multifaceted experience of the earth, the passage of time and remarkable human endeavour. In being surrounded by an ancient land and the mine's appearance easily bring myths and adventure to mind.

“There will no doubt have been a time when these places will have looked very distinct in contrast to their natural settings but we can also view the structure and imitation of nature in the strata needed to retrieve these materials. Even the apparent random casting of spoil has an inherent order that feels as though it's slowly shifting like the sea.

“It is these reflections and thoughts which I hope will find a way into the paintings, an attempt to record the whole experience.”