Adult Workshop with Satoko Takemura



Decorative patterns have been used over a few thousand years with the symbol of power, ritual, protection, curse and prayer. Certain fundamental geometric designs are used all over the world, and it is possible, by multiplication, subdivision and interlacement to produce an endless variety of shapes.

During the workshop you will have an opportunity to design your own unique pattern and create the design on metal.

Satoko is a Jeweller lives and works in North Wales since 2016 . She studied metalwork in Japan and after over a decade of teaching experience in Japan, she moved to the UK in 2012 as a researcher position at the Glasgow School of Art. Since then she has turned her focus towards her own skills and expertise by developing her own style of Jewellery.

Satoko’s interest in patterns is the primitive human wish, prayer, and wishing luck same as the ancient drawing on the skins or in the cave. She uses some flower patterns which pray for someone’s happiness, or wave patterns that mean eternal peace in the future.

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Adult Workshop with Satoko Takemura - £75