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Wendy Murphy was born in Farnborough in Kent in 1956 where she spent her childhood and early adult life. In her late 20s she had a complete career change from working as a typesetter in London and after studying for 5 years, she obtained a diploma with distinction in Graphic Design from Canterbury College of Art, and a BA (Hons) Degree in illustration, from Brighton Polytechnic.

In 1990 she moved to Gwynedd, Wales, where she works as a professional painter and lectures in Fine Art and Life Drawing at Coleg Meirion Dwyfor.

She has won several prestigious awards for her painting - including having been twice 1st prize British National winner in the Laing Landscape painting competition and twice 1st prize winner in the 'Welsh Open' MOMA Wales art competition. In 2004 she won 1st prize in 'The Spirit of Llyn' art competition at Oriel Plas Glyn Y Weddw and has appeared on television in a programme featuring the National Eisteddfod of Wales. She exhibits her work throughout the UK including London and Cardiff.

"I gain inspiration from direct observation of the landscapes, people that I know and things from my everyday life. Colour is an important element in the work – my aim being to create mood and intensity through the juxtaposition of certain colours.

The painting process I find both painful and exciting. I encourage serendipity by working quickly and allowing the paint a certain amount of freedom. Often I work over the top of older paintings as I love the excitement of glimpses of another life showing through beneath the pictures, I feel this adds an element of suggestion and surprise to my work.

As an artist I draw great emotional support from walking in the Welsh hills and listening to music, which I find uplifting."

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