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Drawing and painting have always been a part of my life and I get enormous pleasure and fulfilment from manipulating pencil and paint on paper and canvas. Whilst form is important to me, it is colour which sets my heart alight and I can well understand those who argue that colour therapy has the power to heal, calm or excite.

My work is figurative but it comes from the heart. I see beauty all around me and in painting these beautiful objects and scenes I strive to create an object of beauty in its own right. It is my belief that painting is not a narrative art form except in the same way that a table tells the story of its designer and maker.

Fitness for purpose is all important and without beauty what is the purpose of a work of art?

It is my sincere wish that in looking at my paintings the viewer will be able to share my sense of awe and appreciation of the beauty and the wildness of this spectacular corner of the world and at the same time enjoy the paintings for what they are...objects in their own right inspired by the landscape but standing (or hanging) alone.

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