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Clare’s concerns as an artist are colour, light, texture and surface marks, and conveying a sense of place to the viewer. She is primarily a landscape painter, which fits with her love of the wilder places of the British Isles. Her work is evolving in a quest to simplify down to the essential elements. She enjoys experimenting with paint, pushing its limits and using it in less conventional ways. Her other love is print-making, with monoprint being the method she has chosen for this collection. The wiping on/wiping off, scoring and attrition of the plate being an apt parallel with the action of weather on landscape.

Despite being from a family of painters, it took Clare until her 40’s to take up painting, completing a BA Hons in Fine Art at Wirral Metropolitan College in 2015. She has worked as an artist and teacher since that time, exhibiting around the UK.

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