Nesta Eluned is a North Wales artist born and living in the hills on Snowdonia. She attended Liverpool Art College in the early 1970s and is a full time artist.

"I see my painting practice as a continuation of the tradition of landscape painting in this area. Influences ranging from William Selwyn to Peter Prendergast whose paintings are an interpretation and reflection of North Wales.

My approach ranges from plein-air sessions to studio work and embraces an extensive range of materials and techniques. The work fuses classical landscape compositions with abstract expression. This comes through dynamic mark making and gestures that come naturally from being immersed in the wild, mystic and uncompromising environment of Eryri and the North Wales coast"

Nesta has a solo exhibition, 'The Gift of Land', here at the Plas from May 15th to July 10th,, 2022

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This Gift of Land

A sense of belonging to the sharpness and the baldness of the land.

There’s a poem I learnt in school which had an emotional impact and I still love that poem today. The poem describes the corner of the earth that is Wales, this small indifferent bit of geography that few have heard of. Its people mostly quiet but cause a bit of a stir, from time to time, about the language and the culture, but who is listening? He, the poet tires of it but he repeatedly returns home to where he was born - to the majesty of the mountains, the lakes, and the rivers, to the sound of birds, and to that feeling of belonging. Of connection to the land, to Wales, and in particular his area of it. The last line She (Wales) pulls on his heart strings, and he cannot escape and does not want to.

His home is also my home. It is where I belong. Someone once told me that if they cut me open, I would have Wales written through me. I am rooted to the earth, to the mountains, rivers, lakes and sea here in North west Wales. This poem resonates at such a deep level, and the fact that it was written by a poet who was born fifteen minutes from where I was born, deepens that meaning. We share the same landscape. He articulates the feeling of belonging through words whilst I articulate the feeling of belonging through paint.

SHE by T.H.Parry Williams (translator unknown)

What do I care of Wales? It is by accident and chance
That I am living here freely. She isn't on a map
And is nothing but a piece of land in a hidden creek,
And a bit of a nuisance to those who believe in order.
And who dwells in this place? tell me.
Who but the dregs of its people? Make sure you don't
Cackle about unities and nations and countries all the time:
There are enough of those without Wales, to have in this world.
I have surfeited for some time with all this groaning.
The Welsh, high and mighty, making their noise.
I go for a walk, to avoid their speeches and literature,
Back to familiarity, with my imagination amiss.
And now I am there. Thank you for being lost
And far from the excitement of their extremist words.
This is Snowdon and its crew; this is the sharpness and the baldness of the land;
This is the lake and the river and the cliff; and upon my word
This is the place of my birth. But look, between Earth and heaven
There are voices and spectres all over the place.
I'm starting to become unsteady now; and I'll say to you,
There is some weariness washing over me;
And I can hear Wales' claws torturing my breast.
God save me, for I cannot leave this place.