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Ronnie is a professional artist, now living and working on the Wirral. She was an art tutor in the north Wales community for 15 years. When she retired from teaching, she continued her creative path and has become a recognised artist in her own right. Collaged papers and Acrylics are used to create the textural effects that have become recognisable as her personal style. She exhibits and sells her original work in local and national galleries, and has won several awards.

Artist's Statement

"I seek out textures in a landscape - stone walls, fallen fences, rugged hedgerow, all are fodder for my imagination. I enjoy the process of experimenting with painterly techniques on a variety of papers, looking to capture the texture in a distinctive pattern. I work with the resulting effects rather than labouring over a more considered approach. Collaged papers and sourced home-made “tools” are used once the process has begun, and each painting becomes a journey of discovery and enjoyment."

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