Russ studied Art and Photography at Newcastle Upon Tyne College of Art & Technology, Bath Lane, before moving to Wales.

He sells his work through Galleries, exhibitions and online sales as well as undertaking commissions

He has paintings in Australia, Canada, France, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland & South Africa as well as many in the USA and all parts of the U.K.

“My paintings are deliberately chosen as clearly recognisable landscape or seascapes.

My purpose is to draw peoples attention to the scene and closer to the canvas where any apparent detail dissolves, and colour, technique and texture emerge.

While people seeing my work on a small scale - on social media or in print - are convinced it’s ‘amazingly’ detailed, I’m still following my interest into how the brain perceives and interprets what we see,

and how I can adopt more textures and techniques to exploit this unusual trait!

A Landscape is often perceived as a ‘still life’, but to sit or stand in a landscape for many hours you become aware of the constant movement of trees, grasses, clouds, light and reflections.

It’s my wish to emulate that movement using brushwork, fingers, palette knife or anything else to hand, and to let people see how paint can be used.”

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