Lisa Carter-Grist (Cardiff, 1972) studied at Central Saint Martins and now lives and works in North Wales. She has been shortlisted for The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2020 and selected for the Beep Painting Biennale 2020. Her works have been exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2015, 2019, Somerset House, MOSTYN and The National Eisteddfod of Wales, 2019, 2013 and 2009.

Lisa is as fascinated by the endless associativity that painted and drawn marks evoke as she is by shadows and forms in the real world. Her subject is her imagination, the retrieval and suppression of detail that emerge and recede through the process of painting connecting with her thoughts. Whilst defining shapes and capturing patches of colour or texture, she chases suggestions of a scene or story that appears. All is open and quite brutal until a certain moment and it is then that she enhances marks, lines and colours in an attempt to capture the story and feeling suggested. She alters as little as possible as she wants each painting to retain the sense of itself as painted marks. The titles are part of this narrative process. The scenes, objects or figures suggested are only partly formed or shifting between change and opposing feelings.

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