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Carys Bryn was born on the Farm Bryneura on the Llyn in 1965. Graduating in printing in North Staffordshire Polytechnic in 1988, she has since been commissioned for various artistic jobs from designing books to face painting!

Carys is a farmer's daughter, a mother of two and a full time art teacher in Pwllheli. Her work demonstrates speed and spontaneity; the technique is a direct result of diligence and haste. The purpose of the work is enjoyment of colour, mark-making and creating interesting textures. Out of this enjoyment comes work that conveys the way of life around Pen Llyn, from farm animals to road signs. Carys possesses a unique enthusiasm that ensures that every exhibition has new and exiting work.

She has exhibited in various Galleries over Wales and England including the Albany Gallery in Cardiff, the 'Artroom' Gallery on the Wirral and is a permanent gallery artist at the Plas.

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