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Kim lives on the westernmost tip of Pen Llŷn which provides the subject for her work. Since her childhood on Ynys Enlli and then in Cornwall, and the encouragement of her family whose interest in natural history has been a constant inspiration, Kim has been fascinated by birds in particular.

Their place in the environment and their interactions and more recently the sounds they make in the wider soundscape, form the basis of an ongoing enquiry. The starting point for all her work is the detail and intricacies of the natural environment, its shape sound and texture, and notes and drawings made outside often using binoculars. Studio work often involves more than one medium. Monoprint is the method by which oil-based inks in this case are transferred to paper from card or plastic sheet and which leads to layering and scratched lines, odd textures. In some of the more recent work there is a process of listening rather than looking that has underpinned ongoing enquiry: the “Sound Drawings” with keys to interpret abstract marks were made in situ over timed periods usually half an hour. Those shown were made in the garden and at different seasons. Kim keeps a ‘sounds notebook’ where marks and writing record seasonal changes and the noises made by different insects such as grasshoppers. Some of these marks have found their way into the paintings.

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