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I am constantly experimenting in my work, looking at ideas and concepts and different ways of expressing them. The human form has always been a fascination for me, and I have derived much pleasure from studying it intently.

I use the figure as a vessel with which to carry an idea or emotion. It has become a fantastic tool for fostering understanding between artist and viewer.

I try to allow people to 'see' in the same way I do, aiming in part to instil an understanding of themselves on a different level.

I aim to permeate the piece with my own style, being vigorous and energetic with the material to achieve something which is tactile and has a presence within its setting. Cast metal is the ideal media for preserving this sense of physical interaction and I have experimented with the full range using their different properties for aesthetic and metaphorical contrast, from lead and bronze to cast iron. I am intensely interested in the process of creating a sculpture and the different stages it goes through.

It is important to me to take as much of the casting process as possible into my hands as it is a journey and helps to forge an even stronger bond with the piece.

Having studied at a university with excellent foundry facilities, I have a much deeper understanding and appreciation for metal casting.

The body of work which makes up my graduate portfolio is as a result of my exploration during the latter part of my undergraduate development. I am now working on new collection of sculptures which have their own concept, utilising the factors of composition, material considerations and metaphor.

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