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Artist's Statement

I paint because I have to, it has always been in me. Each painting depicts a real location that I have encountered during my walks in wild places. Back in my studio, each subject slowly becomes a multi-layered metaphor for an aspect of my life - a memory, a friend, an experience … the body of work as a whole, my diary.

By recording my love of the landscape, and the trees that we share it with in particular - using the silent language of colour and texture - my aim is to make a connection with the viewer through the honest representation of my own raw emotions. An acknowledgement of the feelings and experiences common to all humans that live on this immeasurably beautiful, but increasingly fragile planet.

When invited to create this exhibition, I drew much inspiration from the beautiful woodland here at Plas Glyn y Weddw, other places close to my home in the Dovey Valley and beyond. Being introduced to Christine Evans was an added bonus that has blossomed into friendship. It has been a joy to creatively reflect our mutual love of the natural world back and forth, resulting in the book that accompanies the exhibition.

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