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Moira Huntly was born in Motherwell, Scotland in 1932, she studied at Harrow School of Art, London and Hornsey College of Art and holds a London University degree in Art Teaching

“I never travel anywhere without a sketch book, it is essential in providing a fund of ideas and information for future paintings. The idea of recording travels with a sketchbook is not new, in the 18th century it was fashionable to take the grand tour and make many topographical drawings and watercolours. Turner undertook many sketching tours, and in those days transporting equipment was fraught with difficulties. Today we have it easy and can travel far and wide.

I work in the studio from keenly observed ‘on the spot’ drawings, my paintings are often capriccios, that is, paintings inspired by more than one source of information.

My paintings portray places that particularly appeal to me visually, and also have a connection with my past. Spain and Portugal are associated with early childhood memories, I lived in Spain until the outbreak of the civil war, when my family and I escaped to Portugal, and my first holiday when we returned to Britain was to Wales, an ancient land full of atmosphere and a variety of landscape. I visit at least once a year to seek out stone cottages, slate fences, old gates, chapels, green valleys and the grandeur of the mountains. In contrast, the architecture of Spain and Portugal with its overhanging colourful pantile roofs, distinctively shaped white chimneys, stone stepped narrow streets, decorative balconies, beautiful churches and colourful boats provide yet another visual feast. ”

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