Born in Cheshire, Becky moved to the west coast of Wales in 2010. She loves exploring the Welsh landscape and the abundance of wildlife to be found here. Working with an outdoor pochade box and tripod, Becky’s work is produced mainly ‘en plein air’- out in the open air. Becky loves the challenge and excitement of working direct from life and the freshness and spontaneity it brings. There is a direct link when working in correspondence with nature, between the eye and the tip of the paint brush, giving each mark a truth and clarity.

“I work to capture and respond to the transitory effects of nature- the interplay of subtle colour changes and light, observed closely through all weather and times of day. With each painting I enjoy exploring the visual dialogue it creates. Through design, light, texture and colour, I attempt to capture and distil a full sensory record of a specific mood, time and place”.

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