The life cycle of flowers is the main focus for Joanne’s continuing body of work. Flowers are often viewed collectively, when they are viewed as a singular they become vulnerable and this unveiled quality is captured in her work. A sense of exposed delicacy is guided by the changing characteristics of flowers throughout their life span. Through engagement with the materials she connects with the beauty and emotion of each flower.

She aims to create works that radiate a strong sense of fading beauty with a rawness from the materials used. The journey begins when making the canvas and board stretchers. This handmade quality gives me full ownership of each piece as I create each stage of the painting: from wood and canvas to a wall mounted piece of art.

By intentionally stretching the canvas over three quarters of the hard board frame, it separates and grounds the flowers in the foreground, providing an axis for the subject compositionally. Using the language of mixed media, starting with pen and water on raw canvas and board the main structure of the flower is formed. Watercolour and acrylic paint describe the delicate personalities of each flower with the movement of paint. The diversity and layering of materials provide a sense of space and depth.

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