I am an Architectural Studies graduate from the University of Nottingham as well as a graduate in Fine Art obtained at the Villa Arson School in Nice, France.

Since moving back to Wales, my work is mainly inspired by the surrounding landscape. Being half Welsh and half French, I feel that I have always been subconsciously drawn to areas that bridge two points, and my focus on beaches is likely a manifestation of this. Randomness plays a key role in my work, and I purposefully use incompatible mediums (oil and water for example) so that working with the materials is a constant challenge that leads to unpredictable results. Layers are gradually built up and scratched off in a technique that mirrors natural processes such as abrasion and erosion.

2007-2011 University of Nottingham. BA Architectural Studies. 2011-2014 La Villa Arson. Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Art. Nice, France.

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