To carve, to make marks in stone is an instinct millennia old, and in working with this ancient material, with its inherent elemental qualities of gravitas I can mine for meaning and associations.

Not surprisingly therefore, I can reference ancientness, ritual, earth-magic, the religious, the pagan, the primitive and the sacrificial, since the old stone is redolent of all of these things. 

Whilst looking for meaning, answers or questions I can explore the seductive possibilities of the surface of slate – from the harsh, the riven, to the velvet-smooth.

The visual counterpoint of other media, such as lead, twine or wax, which confine and restrain the stone, or are embedded within it, brings further possible layers of meaning.

I try to make these objects work as metaphors for the deep issues for us humans, hoping to translate their wordless message into sculptural form. 

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