My work is inspired by, the human beings unique mysterious experience, - to wonder, marvel and have reverence for the beauty of human existence, nature and the living earth.

The various forms will often arise in the depth of the intangible chaos, of the unconscious, and I only really experience it when I have finished created it.Therefore, it comes from an impersonal source, and through the process of creating, it becomes a personal work, practiced with care, imagination and humour, and without any expectation of reward.

Creativity is the activity of the Soul, and this is, what gives me vitality and hope, a meaning to my own existence. I create, because I choose to, and it leads me out of my ordinary everyday self and allows me, the mysterious experience. Moreover, because it changes me each time I create, because I begin anew and it leads me to an unknown inner destination.It allows me to intuit what is not yet and thereby begins to give birth, to a creative deed. This is where I can most fully become myself, the universal aspect, of whom I am: my attention, in my thinking, feeling and willing.By contemplating the world around me, I can find it again transformed within me. My truth comes to life. It shows me, it is possible to make the invisible – visible.

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