Sue Morgan was born in Newport Monmouthshire and studied graphic design at Newport College of Art in the late 1960's. After fifteen years as a freelance illustrator/writer of children's stories she took up a teaching post at a local secondary school where she remained for twenty years.

Sue's semi-naïve painting style evolved over time from her experiences as an illustrator. Her themes are simple seascapes and landscapes, children and animals. Although acrylics are her preferred painting medium she works with and loves the graphic qualities of ink pen, quills and wash.

Sue works on a small scale, working from the imagination rather than from life, often covering her stretched paper with random colours then turning the board every which way until something is seen in the blobs and the splodges. In this way the painting decides for itself what it wants to be and Sue is just the aid in a process rather than an instigator. She uses acrylics thinly, layer upon layer, occasionally wiping the paint away quite vigorously with rags which leaves an interesting burnished quality to the work.

We currently have no work by Sue Morgan.