The artist Jacques Nimki works within the urban landscape, using weeds as metaphors to examine the hidden, the unseen and the forgotten.

Gaetan James is his 'documenter', wherever Nimki treads, one can see the traces of Gaetan James. Whilst both are concerned with the unseen; James, the consummate flâneur focuses on the theatre of our day to day experiences

Nothing is more difficult to see than what is right in front of us. Everyday life is elusive, because we live it out of habit, not thinking about it and without ever thinking to question it.

Gaetan James observes these acts: the quiet conversations, a drunk pissing in the corner, the stolen kiss, the exchange of envelopes, a lovers tiff or a secret meeting

He concentrates on seeking the insignificant or the hidden gestures of life. At any given time everything appears as it should be, yet through the eyes of this visual gastronome, life's narrative is coated with a sheen of the surreal. And a fleeting moment that could easily be overlooked and lost, appears frozen in time, cut and captured through the delicate art of a paper cut.

Works on Sale

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Goodbye to all that

Goodbye to all that

£ 200

40x50cm - Paper cut

The Llanbedrog Affair

The Llanbedrog Affair

£ 120

Unframed Print