Cymraeg (Welsh)

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Carol Morris


My ceramics have slowly evolved over many years of living and working in the Conwy Valley. Inspired by my surroundings, I am now concentrating on slab-built limited editions which share a common design concept with a range of domestic stoneware.


I have been lucky enough to live and work in the Conwy Valley for 30 years. Together with my husband John, we have run Conwy Pottery, supplying craft shops and heritage centres with a range of pieces.

From my small studio overlooking the Conwy Valley, I am now working on hand-built sculptural pieces, and hand thrown, hand decorated stoneware pottery.

Coming from a pottery family in Stoke on Trent, the excitement and anticipation of opening a kiln to discover the magic of the firing is as vivid now as 30 years ago.

Prices range from £15.00 to £112.00